Coffee with K&T: #8 Evermore

Coffee with K&T: #8 Evermore

Evermore Coffee Roasters
• Location: Burlington, NJ
• 30 East Union, Burlington, NJ

What We Ordered:
• One Small Cold Brew & One Large Cold Brew both with Oat Milk and SF Vanilla
• Total: $9.24

• Taste: 10
• Aesthetic: 9
• Value: 8
• Customer Experience: 9
• Overall: 36/40


While checking in on my parents during COVID-19 we of course had to support local and try out a coffee place! Surprisingly there are no local coffee shops in the town I grew up in. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong.) Only full of Starbucks and Dunkin. After a quick Yelp search Evermore Coffee Roasters came up as a top choice. I checked on Instagram to make sure they were open, and we were in luck they were open for curb side pick up! We headed over after placing an online order and we were more than pleasantly surprised. The barista that brought our coffees out was more than friendly. As you know Tony and I love SF flavors and Vanilla was the only SF flavor available so I initially chose to not get a flavor (Vanilla isn’t my fav) but than after I tried Tony’s I was mind blown and I called them back to see if they could add it into my cold brew! They were more than happy to do so. As far as the total vibe, we didn’t go inside because of COVID-19 but from the outside, peaking inside, and from photos on Instagram I could tell it was an adorable aesthetic. This taste rating was our highest by far since we have started this blog series. We will definitely be back the next time we are in the neighborhood. I even convinced my parents they needed to check it out. Thank you Evermore for a great Sunday coffee date!

xoxo, K&T

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