Coffee with K&T: #9 OneDo

Coffee with K&T: #9 OneDo

OneDo Coffee
• Location: Canton
• 913 S Lakewood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

What We Ordered:
• Two Cold Brews
• Total: $9.22

• Taste: 6
• Aesthetic: 7.5
• Value: 7
• Customer Experience: 7
• Overall: 27.5/40


Last week Tony and I visited OneDo in Canton for the first time. It was there last day open before closing for COVID-19. They were doing 20% off of all drinks and they had a ton of merchandise for sale as well! It was super cute inside and I would love to go back when they re opening to work on my computer and enjoy the atmosphere. They didn’t have any SF flavors, so next time I might try a totally different drink.

xoxo, K&T

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