Coffee with K&T: #7 Cafe Latte’da

Coffee with K&T: #7 Cafe Latte’da

Cafe Latte’da
• Location: Fells Point
• 1704 Aliceanna St, Baltimore MD 21231

What We Ordered:
• Two Large Iced Coffees. One with sugar free vanilla and one with sugar free hazelnut. Both with almond milk.
• Total: $9.94

• Taste: 6.5
• Aesthetic: 7
• Value: 7
• Customer Experience: 8.5
• Overall: 29/40


Tony and I visited Cafe Latte’da in Fells Point today. They have maintained staying open during COVID-19 as just take out only. It was our first time in. It definitely had a great local vibe to it. I’m guessing that they were operating on a limited menu, because I tried to order cold brew and they only had iced coffee which was perfectly fine with us! One really cool thing was that their ice cubes were made of iced coffee so when the ice melts it doesn’t water down your coffee! I’ve never had that before and that was a huge win! I had the sugar free hazelnut which was really good. Tony had the sugar free vanilla and he wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but he really liked mine! They also had local art on the walls for sale and all the proceeds go to the artists. There were a ton of really cool pieces. Thank you for being open during such a crazy time in the world, Cafe Latte’da!

xoxo, Kate

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