July Favorites!

July Favorites!

Oh boy was the month of July a doozy. Started out my favorite weekend of the year 4th of July which was of course spent none other than the Jersey Shore 🤍. I have to say I think 4th of July might be my second favorite holiday. Coming out of the Holiday weekend was Tony’s 29th birthday. The following week was Amazon Prime week which was just absolutely crazy (my full time job!) Then immediately after I spent 10 days in Kenosha Wisconsin for work, and ended up getting sick once I arrived home for 9 days and here we are! What a whirlwind! So needless to say, not a lot of free time and my favorites list might be a little short.

  • [solidcore] feeling like I am getting stronger here. Kenosha and getting sick we’re definitely a set back, but loving these workouts.
  • Alo matching sets for dayssss! I think I now have every color of the Match Point Tennis skirt.
  • HGW on Brickell Key! Nothing beats it.
  • Trader Joe’s finally opened across from my building.
  • Amazon storefront
  • I had my first ever TikTok hit 1 million views
  • Brightside OOTD
  • Baseball Games! While in Kenosha I had the opportunity to go to 4 games and knock 3 parks off my list!

xoxo, Kate

June Favorites!

June Favorites!

Okay so I know I’m a few days behind posting my June favs, but I didn’t want to wait any longer!

  • alo matching sets
  • Going on a HGW in a matching set with coffee of course
  • [solidcore] I finally got an actual membership! Yay!
  • Vice City Bean Coffee
  • Walks on Brickell Key
  • Trips to the Coconut Grove Farmers Market
  • Coconut Water
  • Weekends at the beach
  • Brightside Matching Sets – Use code KATEBUD20 to save 20% off!

xoxo, Kate

May Favorites

May Favorites

As we have wrapped up the month of May, sharing my favs from the month!

  • Morning Coffee Dates
  • Sunday night beach picnics
  • Had the best trip back to Baltimore
  • [solidcore] has been my favorite workout
  • Outdoor spin classes
  • Slow mornings
  • Trader Joe’s weekend trips
  • Beach days!
  • Paddle boarding
  • Selling on Poshmark!
  • Sending to ThredUP
  • Trips to Yellow Green Farmers Market.
  • Setty App
  • Daylyy App
  • Billabong Tees

xoxo, KB

Summer Date Ideas

Summer Date Ideas

Sharing 5 of my favorite summer dates!

  • Beach picnic – I swear this is my favorite date! I look forward to this every week!!!
  • Make your own candle class
  • Drive in movie
  • Go on a hike and finish with a coffee date, you know that’s my favorite!
  • Check out a local brewery

What’s your favorite date activity?

xoxo, KB

Goals for May

Goals for May

As Tony and I have made our transition to Florida, I feel like my daily routine is completely out of whack. I’m not sure if any of you can relate from times that you’ve moved to a new place or a new state in the past. One of the things that always happens to meet in particular is I tend to break out like crazy due to stress when I am in a new area. Finding a new routine as I settle into my new city is really important to me.

I wanted to share a few goals I have for the month of May that really focus around settling into my new routine in Miami.

  • Have a morning and night skincare routine. This is something I’ve never been great at and I need to make it important.
  • Use lash serum! I have been trying to feel more confident when I don’t wear false lashes and I would love to see how long they will grow with the serum.
  • Finish unpacking! We are 95% of the way there but there are still a few boxes I need to tackle.
  • Find the workout schedule that works best with my schedule.
  • Stop mindless snacking.
  • Go for a walk once a week with Tony.
  • One new date night this month of something we have never done before!

xoxo, Kate

2021 Favorites

2021 Favorites

Favorite Baltimore Restaurant:

K: Tagliata // T: Tagliata

Favorite Baltimore Coffee Shop:

K: Aveley Farms // T: Ceremony

Favorite Cocktail:

K: Belvedere Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese Olives // T: Tanqueray 10 and Tonic

Favorite Alchohol:

K: Moët // T: Tanqueray 10

Favorite Place to go for Cocktails:

K: The Bygone // T: The Elk Room

Birthday Memory:

K: Tony took me to Mexico for my birthday! My favorite memory was taking Mexican fire shots at breakfast // T: Playing Poker

Favorite Home Cooked Meal:

K: Tony’s Lobster Tails // T: Ground Turkey – Tomato Sauce – Spinach & Mushrooms

Favorite Grocery Store:

K: Trader Joe’s // T: Harris Teeter 

Favorite Hobby:

K: Spin & Getting Coffee // T: Poker

Favorite Take Out Spot:

K: Samos // T: Chipparelis

Something you are Proud of:

K: The amount of spin classes I took in 2021 // T: 400 hours booked of poker

Favorite Flower:

K: Peony // T: Dahlia

Favorite Trip:

K: Mexico & Philly // T: Mexico

Favorite Donut Shop:

K: Cloudy Donuts // T: Cloudy Donuts

Favorite Local Boutique:

K: Mint & Major/ Brightside // T: Mint & Major

Favorite Song:

K: Heat Waves by Glass Animals // T: Hate Me! MASN

Favorite Artist:

K: Bryce Vine & Quinn XXCI // T: Quinn XXCI

In 2021 We Traveled to:

Mexico, Vegas, Somers Point, Florida, Philly

Goal for 2022:

K: Complete 75 day hard // T: Play 500 hours of Poker

xoxo, Kate & Tony