Coffee with K&T: #14 Drip & Scoop

Coffee with K&T: #14 Drip & Scoop

Drip & Scoop
• Location: Ocean City NJ
• 10th & Asbury Ocean City NJ

What We Ordered:
• Two Large Oat Milk Lattes and a Small Coffee
• Total: $12.80

• Taste: 9
• Aesthetic: 10
• Value: 10
• Customer Experience: 10
• Overall: 39/40


Drip and Scoop has become a staple in OCNJ over the past few years. So popular that they are currently in the works of opening up two more locations. Drip and Scoop has to be my favorite local coffee shop in OCNJ. Drip and Scoop has the best flavor coffee around. Their drinks are always consistent which is so important. Drip and Scoop serves Coffee, Ice Cream, and Donuts. For being in a beach town their prices are extremely reasonable. Less expensive then in the city. The donuts range in price from $1 to $2. For this specific trip we ordered two large lattes and a small iced coffee and only spent around $12, then the next day we ordered a large latte, a small coffee, and 4 donuts and still only spent around $12. The aesthetic inside is so cute and welcoming. The branding of Drip and Scoop is completely on point! Not to mention the place is so clean. Today we were actually going to stop at another coffee shop that I’m not going to name, but we walked up and it did not look clean, so we turned right around and went back over to Drip And Scoop! If you stop at one coffee shop when you are in town make it Drip and Scoop!

xoxo, K&T

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