Coffee with K&T: #13 Cafe Dear Leon

Coffee with K&T: #13 Cafe Dear Leon

Cafe Dear Leon
• Location: Canton
• 2929 O’Donnell St Baltimore MD 21224

What We Ordered:
• Two Large Cold Brews with Oat Milk and Two Oat Scones 
• Total: $19.00

• Taste: 9
• Aesthetic: 10
• Value: 8
• Customer Experience: 10
• Overall: 37/40


Wow have we found our new favorite coffee shop in the city, better yet it’s the closest as well. I am actually a little sad that it is only a 2 block walk from our old apartment, and a little farther from our new house. Cafe Dear Leon is French inspired and boy to do they deliver! On our first stop over we had the oat scone and I honestly can’t get enough of it! They serve it with French butter and homemade jam. We have also tried their banana pudding, or I guess I should say Tony tried it. It was so good I didn’t have a chance to get a spoon in! We also tried the babka and it was delicious! Everyone has been raving about the egg salad, but I have not had a chance to try it yet. Hopefully this week I can. Cafe Dear Leon has become a Baltimore Foodie Favorite overnight. Most mornings there is a line. On the weekend, there always is one that extends around the block. Their line speaks for the quality of pastries they put out. Expect weekly photos of their cold brew and oat scones on my instagram story because we are hooked!

xoxo, K&T

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