Mother’s Day Ideas in Quarantine

Mother’s Day Ideas in Quarantine

Mother’s Day is just 4 days away and if you are still deciding on what to do for Mother’s Day (like me!) here are a few suggestions for if you are able to see your mom in person. If you are unable to see your mom during quarantine I totally understand! Feel free to take a look at my blog post on Virtual Mother’s Day ideas.

Ideas for hanging out with mom in person:

  • Support a local coffee shop. Maybe your mom has a local favorite, or you can suggest one. Make sure you splurge to get mom a croissant to go with her oat milk latte.
  • Create a floral arrangement! Head to the grocery store and pick up a few bunches of flowers and design floral arrangements together. If you are in need of a vase I actually just picked up 2 cute ones at the dollar store last week.
  • Cook for her! Your mom deserves a day off from cooking. Kick her out of the kitchen and get to work.
  • Do a craft together! The last time I hung out with my mom we did bleach tie dye and we baked cookies and it was a blast!
  • Have a wine tasting. Pick up a few bottles of wine and do a wine tasting together and make sure to pair it with a cheese board!
  • Go for a walk. I love walking by the water with my mom and being able to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Give your mom a manicure! She deserves it! We have all been missing our nail salons. Give mom the treat of feeling like she’s back in the salon.
  • Have a picnic! Set up a blanket and bring her favorite foods. This is a great option if you plan to do take out!
  • Decorate her front door! Show her how much you care by shouting it out loud to all the neighbors! You could pick up hanging florals, a balloon arch, garland, the list goes on and on!

xoxo, Kate

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