Dollar Store Finds

Dollar Store Finds

If you are anything like me you are always looking to find a good deal, and to be honest who isn’t! Especially during uncertain times like these it’s always good to be able to save a couple extra pennies.

Last weekend Tony and I stopped at the Dollar Store, and found a ton of things we normally buy at Target or other retailers for much less. Sharing with you guys a comparison and total cost savings!

  • Crest 3D White toothpaste $2.99 at Target
  • Ice Pop Mold $7.45 at Walmart
  • Small Vase $5 I actually bought the same exact vase that I bought from a local flower vendor at the dollar store that I did from the local vendor! Wow! I could have bought 5 before!
  • Medium Vase $4.99 Similar to one I saw at Target
  • Rope Dog Toy $3.99 at Target
  • Rope Ball Dog Toy $3.99 at Target
  • Rubber Bone Dog Toy $1.99 at Target
  • Floral Shears $12.49 at Target
  • Floral Snips $13.89 at Target
  • Red Solo Cups $2.69 at Target
  • Plant Markers $8.50 on Etsy

Total: $67.97

Dollar Store Total: $11

Savings: $56.97

xoxo, Kate

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