Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas

Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas

As Mother’s Day is starting to look a little different this year. I thought it would be great to share with you guys a few ideas to make sure Mom still has an amazing day all about her!

All of the suggestions below are “Virtual” ideas where you can connect with your mom for Mother’s Day and “hang out” online. Zoom or FaceTime have been my two favorites over quarantine.

  • Virtual Brunch! A zoom date, with all the fixings. If you live close enough to your mom you can drop off brunch to her. If you don’t, you can order your mom brunch to be delivered to her house. ps. Make sure there is bubbly for those Mother’s Day Mimosas.
  • DIY Candle Making Kit. Send one to your house and one to your moms house. You can both make your candles over zoom together and still be able to enjoy the time spent together. I linked an option from a local company, KSM Candle Co. in Baltimore.
  • Terrrium Building Kit. Linked here a kit I found on Etsy that you and your mom can create separately from near or far.
  • Virtual Cookie Baking! Hop on zoom, and you both can make your favorite recipe, and then ship a dozen to each other when you are done.
  • Wine Glass Painting. Ship both you and your mom supplies to paint wine glasses together.
  • Floral Bouquet Building. Reach out to your local florist to see if they offer bundles of blooms and you can build a beautiful arrangement with you mom.
  • Dinner Date! Order take out to be delivered to both of you from your mom’s favorite restaurant!
  • Complete a puzzle together. You could even have a race on who could finish first.
  • Get a virtual taro card reading.
  • Cook a new recipe together, but separate. Follow the same recipe online and enjoy! I would recommend trying a recipe from my friend JZeats. I linked her blog here.
  • Make craft cocktails, sip, relax and enjoy.
  • Virtual Spa Day. Mani/Pedis and Face masks seems like a good plan to me. Ship your mama a new nail polish color and enjoy girl talk and an at home spa day!
  • Virtual Yoga Class. There are a ton of classes offered virtually through YogaWorks!

Pick one or pick them all! I would love to hear in the comments below what your plans are for Mother’s Day!

xoxo, Kate

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