COVID: #7 When Quarantine Ends

COVID: #7 When Quarantine Ends

I don’t know about you, but I have a long list already of all the things I want to to do when this quarantine is lifted! I asked you guys on Instagram what you want to do when you are free again! Sharing your responses below:

  • Heading to Nordstrom
  • Making a Hair Appointment
  • Spin Class
  • The Nail Salon
  • Going to Delaware
  • Out for a nice dinner
  • The Gym
  • Finding a Rooftop Bar with a Chilled glass of Rose
  • Work!
  • Going for Mexican and getting Spicy Margs! YUM!
  • Waterfront Brunch!
  • Disney
  • The Bar
  • Getting a tan and a mani!
  • Poker at Horseshoe Casino
  • See Friends!
  • Get my lashes done
  • A date night to somewhere special and delicious
  • Fancy cocktails at the Bygone
  • Hug my mom
  • Nail Candy Shop obvi!
  • Sagamore Pendry for the Night
  • The Beach
  • Nails and Eyebrows ASAP
  • Yoga at Yogaworks in Fells
  • Beast Mode at the Gym.
  • Atlantic City

What’s on your to do list?

xoxo, Kate

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