Birthday Wonderland

Birthday Wonderland

For anyone that has to celebrate their Birthday in quarantine I definitely feel for you! You can’t go to dinner at your favorite restaurant. You can’t have drinks at your favorite cocktail bar. You can’t have a big get together with all of your friends. But its okay! We are in this together.

I just celebrated my Birthday on April 16th and I still had a BLAST! My husband created a Birthday Wonderland that was so perfect in every way!

Here are the FIVE things we did to make my birthday a blast!

  1. Decorations! Just because you can’t have anyone over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate.
  2. Signature Cocktail! I made a Birthday Cake Cocktail. Yum!
  3. Ordered dinner for take out from an amazing restaurant and put it on real plates to make it seem like we were really there!
  4. Flowers! Because what birthday is complete without flowers!
  5. Zoom! We planned a virtual birthday party, full of cocktail sipping and games! We downloaded a party pack of jackbox games to play with friends!

Decorations: Shop them here

Check out a TikTok of the entire set up!

Signature Cocktail:

Dinner & Dessert:


Zoom Party:

Sharing a few more photos from the day!

xoxo, Kate

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