COVID: #4 Friends and Family

COVID: #4 Friends and Family

What’s one thing that COVID-19 has made your more thankful for in your life?

  • I will definitely appreciate how special it is to see loved ones/family/friends. I can’t come home to see my family & friends at home because of this and it hurts!
  • It has made me thankful for my health. (Although I’m definitely not the healthiest) but I feel like being in good health has helped me not be as susceptible (even though I know young people have gotten it), but I was in one of the highest infected places (Madrid) when the outbreak started and came out fine 😂 so I’d definitely say I’m thankful to be a healthy young adult.
  • I’m thankful for the challenge of staying occupied!
  • Thankful for phones & being able to talk & FaceTime with family & friends. Social media as well to communicate with people all over the world.
  • This whole thing has made me so thankful for the house and yard that we have at our new place! It’s also really made me thankful for the ability to continue working at a time like this.
  • Having family close. I’m thankful for my husband, my daughter, and my son. Thankful for doing marathon craft and cooking weekends.
  • The health of our family and friends.
  • The little things. Going for a walk and getting coffee has become the new norm.

What was one fun thing you were able to do at home that you normally wouldn’t have done?

  • A fun thing would probably be deep cleaning. I hate cleaning But being cooped up in the apartment all day has made me clean and organize everything.
  • Is cooking a meal vs going out to eat a challenge? Not really – we are fortunate enough to have food, water, and a house to cook in. Cooking has become a luxury, a chance to get creative and try new things.
  • Is spending more time with my fiance a challenge? No – and we’ve had to be more intentional on how we spend our time together. Mid day dance parties when you’re feeling goofy, date nights in the dining room, supporting each other through stressful days that come and go, weekly Scrabble competitions (that have gotten REALLY intense).
  • Bud and I play games every other night. Even though we are together 24/7, we both really look forward to game nights. Something we will continue when this is finally over.
  • Poshmark Queen! I have been a Poshmark selling machine during quarantine.

Is there anything in life that you will appreciate more after COVID-19 is over?

  • I will appreciate being able to go out & be with people. Whether that’s going for a meal or a drink or adventuring.
  • Time with family and friends. We take for granted our social time, and this has certainly opened our eyes to how much we miss it!
  • Freedom.
  • We will appreciate going out to dinner even more.
  • We will appreciate traveling more. Really soak in every experience.
  • Being with Friends and Family.

xoxo, Kate

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