Coffee with K&T: #1 Order & Chaos

Coffee with K&T: #1 Order & Chaos

Starting a Blog Series sharing all of the coffee places in Baltimore! Tony and I enjoy checking out new coffee shops, so we wanted to share them with you as we go! I hope you enjoy our first one!

Order & Chaos

  • Location: Fed Hill
  • 1410 Key Highway Baltimore, MD 21230

What We Ordered:

  • 2 Large Iced Coffees with Sugar Free Caramel
  • Everything Bagel toasted with cream cheese
  • Total: $15.73


  • Taste: 9
  • Aesthetic: 8.5
  • Value: 7
  • Customer Experience: 10
  • Overall: 34.5/40


Tony and I visited Order & Chaos Coffee for the first time on this chilly Saturday morning. It has a great vibe from the mural you see when you walk up from all of the great branding you see inside. They also featured other local Baltimore brands inside like Mouth Party Caramels. We were very happy with the level of service. There were 3 people working behind the bar and on a busy Saturday they kept the line down to nothing! All three baristas were so friendly. There was a medium sized area with tables for seating. As we were leaving they offered to refill my iced coffee. I was honestly in shock. I’m not sure if any coffee shop has ever willingly offered it! That really elevated our entire experience! What a nice surprise. We will definitely be back!

xoxo, Kate

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