Coffee with K&T: #2 Baby’s On Fire

Coffee with K&T: #2 Baby’s On Fire

Baby’s On Fire
• Location: Fells Point
• 1616 Thames St Baltimore MD 21231

What We Ordered:
• 2 Large Cold Brews
• Total: $9.01

• Taste: 8
• Aesthetic: 9
• Value: 5
• Customer Experience: 6.5
• Overall: 28.5/40


Today Tony and I visited Baby’s on Fire for the first time. They opened in Fells Point a few months ago. Just from walking in we really loved the vibe! We visited on a Sunday morning and it wasn’t too busy. There was no line to wait in. We ordered two cold brews, but we actually got two Horchata Cold Brews by accident. When I went to add Splenda, some how a piece of metal ended up falling into my drink, so I asked for a new one and then they gave me a regular cold brew. The Horchata Cold Brew was incredible! I wish I didn’t need a new one! For our taste rating the Horchata was by far a 10/10. The regular cold brew was a 6/10. Baby’s on Fire has plenty of seating to hang out and enjoy your coffee or cocktail, they are also a bar so you can enjoy a mimosa or a beer while you visit as well! Baby’s on Fire also has board games you can enjoy. Tony and I played Connect 4! It is also connected to a record store and you can stroll around while sipping on your latte.

xoxo, Kate

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