Hey There! Welcome to my new blog! As I was preparing for my three year anniversary of blogging I really contemplated the meaning of my overall brand. For those that have been following along my last three years of blogging, you have seen me in so many walks of life. From living in a small town, to moving to the city. From dating Tony to marrying the man of my dreams. Thank you for being there with me every step of the way!

For those of you that are new, welcome! As I took time to reflect on my blogging journey after many months of contemplation, I decided to rebrand! Welcome to Kate Budzinski Blog!

To give an introduction to anyone who is new here: Thanks for stopping by! My name is Kate and I am a newly wed! My husband Tony and I got married 7.19.19. We live in Baltimore, MD. I absolutely love the city of Baltimore. If you are a local babe I share a ton of Baltimore food and fun! We have the cutest dog named Callie. We love to travel every chance we get! I am originally from New Jersey. I graduated from Penn State in 2013. What will you see on my blog? My blog is a total lifestyle blog with main focus’ being on Fashion, Fitness, Food, and Travel! Let me know if there is more you would like to see from me!

xoxo, Kate

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