2021 Favorites

Favorite Baltimore Restaurant: K: Tagliata // T: Tagliata Favorite Baltimore Coffee Shop: K: Aveley Farms // T: Ceremony Favorite Cocktail: K: Belvedere Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese Olives // T: Tanqueray 10 and Tonic Favorite Alchohol: K: Moët // T: Tanqueray 10 Favorite Place to go for Cocktails: K: The Bygone // T: The Elk…Continue reading »

Positive Thoughts

1. There are positives in everything. 2. There are so many good people in the world. 3. The power of community is amazing. 4. Home is where I am with you. 5. Material things don’t matter. xoxo, Kate

Pumpkin Picking

The thing I look forward to the most in fall is going on a hayride and Pumpkin Picking at Johnsons Corner Farm in NJ! This was something I did every year growing up with my family. It’s a tradition that Tony and I carry on now! What’s your favorite fall tradition? xoxo, Kate

1840s Carrollton Inn

Looking for a Staycation in Baltimore, look no further! The 1840s Carrollton Inn is historic, beautiful, and cozy for your next stay. Sipping wine in the courtyard was the absolute highlight of my stay! Check their website out here! xoxo, Kate

The Clothes Spin

I remember a few years ago when my friend’s washing machine and dryer went out and she had no idea what to do. I suggested that we go to a local laundry mat because we need to get her clothes washed, dried and folded not just for her but her husband and children too. I’m…Continue reading »

TikTok Trials: Mushroom Superfood

What is it: Mushroom Superfood For today’s TikTok trial we are testing out the Mushroom blend. As seen on TikTok that this gives you more energy than taking a pre workout, without the jitters. Today is my second day testing out the Mushroom blend. The first day I took it, it made me feel calm…Continue reading »

10 Snow Day Captions

Sharing 10 Instagram caption ideas to perfectly capture your snow day! ❄️ 1. I love you snow much! 2.       Flurries of fun! 3.       Ice Ice Baby. 4.       Snow much fun! 5.       Stay Cozy. 6.       The snuggle is real. 7.       Up to snow good.  8.       One large hot chocolate please. 9.       Yes, it is still iced coffee weather.  10. My favorite outdoor activity is…Continue reading »

5 Date Night at Home Ideas

Five Date Night at Home Ideas 1.       Spa Night at Home – Think Face Masks, Bubble Baths, Candles, and Bubbly. Sounds like the perfect night to me. 2.       Make a Pizza from scratch. Make your own dough and all! When food is in the mix you always know it is going to be a fun date night….Continue reading »

10 Favorites About Living at Brewers Crossing

1.       I can walk to grab dinner, drinks, coffee, & pastries! 2.       My rooftop deck is seriously larger than my last apartment! The summers on the rooftop are going to be epic. 3.       Two car side by side garage! This is a rarity in the city. 4.       MY KITCHEN ISLAND. I seriously could not love my kitchen any more….Continue reading »


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