July Favorites!

July Favorites!

Oh boy was the month of July a doozy. Started out my favorite weekend of the year 4th of July which was of course spent none other than the Jersey Shore 🤍. I have to say I think 4th of July might be my second favorite holiday. Coming out of the Holiday weekend was Tony’s 29th birthday. The following week was Amazon Prime week which was just absolutely crazy (my full time job!) Then immediately after I spent 10 days in Kenosha Wisconsin for work, and ended up getting sick once I arrived home for 9 days and here we are! What a whirlwind! So needless to say, not a lot of free time and my favorites list might be a little short.

  • [solidcore] feeling like I am getting stronger here. Kenosha and getting sick we’re definitely a set back, but loving these workouts.
  • Alo matching sets for dayssss! I think I now have every color of the Match Point Tennis skirt.
  • HGW on Brickell Key! Nothing beats it.
  • Trader Joe’s finally opened across from my building.
  • Amazon storefront
  • I had my first ever TikTok hit 1 million views
  • Brightside OOTD
  • Baseball Games! While in Kenosha I had the opportunity to go to 4 games and knock 3 parks off my list!

xoxo, Kate

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