10 Favorites About Living at Brewers Crossing

10 Favorites About Living at Brewers Crossing

1.       I can walk to grab dinner, drinks, coffee, & pastries!

2.       My rooftop deck is seriously larger than my last apartment! The summers on the rooftop are going to be epic.

3.       Two car side by side garage! This is a rarity in the city.

4.       MY KITCHEN ISLAND. I seriously could not love my kitchen any more.

5.       The location is perfect. So close to the highway, so it makes it convenient to visit family out of state.

6.       Street Parking has never been an issue! So when friends come over there is always a place for them to park!

7.       Everyone in our neighborhood has dogs! 

8.       I am in walking distance to Target! Super quick when I need to pick up something for the house.

9.       4 bedrooms give us enough to both have an office and have a spare bedroom!

10. It truly feels like HOME!

xoxo, Kate

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