Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Sharing 5 of my favorite Healthy snacks for during the week!

  1. Carrot Chips with Hummus! One of my go to snacks. I love trying new hummus flavors!
  2. Egg whites! Tony and I hard boil 2 dozen eggs to start the week and I love to cut them open, take out the yoke, then top the white with mustard and salt!
  3. Cucumbers with a greek ranch dip. Low calorie dips are definitely the key. If you are watching your weight try to stay away from regular dressings because they are full of fat and there are plenty of healthier options.
  4. Low fat cheese sticks. Typically about 50 calories, and full of protein.
  5. Deli meat. I love getting a pound of Turkey or Buffalo chicken. Great protein source.

xoxo, Kate

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