When it comes to traveling during COVID, there are not quite as many options as they were a year ago. One thing Tony and I have been trying to do this season is traveling close to home. Mini road trips, and getting the best bang for our buck! 

As most of you know, Tony is an avid poker player and he does pretty well if I don’t mind to say so myself. Thanks to his poker skills we are always getting offers to stay in Atlantic City for free, it’s for me. This week we were invited to stay at the Borgata for free which was our first time being invited to stay there! Most of the time we stay free at Harrah’s.

When that opportunity came available we had to take it! I wanted to take a few minutes to share what it is like at the casinos currently.

We had dinner at Angeline. It was my first time dining there. Italian style food, and it was delicious!

First and foremost, all of the casinos are going to be following all of the state mandates.

· In New Jersey dining closes at 10pm, and that applies to Casinos as well.

· No food or drinks on the Casino floor or in the restaurants after 10pm.

·       There is no sitting at the bar. So in the lounge areas (if they are open) it is table service only.

·       Only a select few restaurants are open each night.

·       Make sure you make dinner reservations, because with the limited restaurants, the space fills up quick.

·       Parking is only $5.

·       There is Plexiglas in between all table games. 

·       For the slots, every other slot machine is closed.

·       Masks are required.

If you are thinking that it is going to be the same as a pre COVID gambling experience, think again. But, if you are looking for a good night away to spend quality time with your other half, I would give it a try.

My verdict—I would definitely go back during COVID. This was my second time down to AC during COVID, but my first time staying at the Borgata.

xoxo, Kate

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