Coffee with K&T: #16 Cornerstone

Coffee with K&T: #16 Cornerstone

Cornerstone Coffeehouse
• Location: Camp Hill, PA
• 2133 Market St Camp Hill, PA

What We Ordered:
• Two Large Cold Brews with SF caramel, One Medium Cold Brew with caramel, and a breakfast sandwich.
• Total: $21.63

• Taste: 9
• Aesthetic: 8
• Value: 8
• Customer Experience: 7
• Overall: 32/40

Review: Cornerstone is located right in Tony’s hometown of Camp Hill, PA. When you think of a local coffee shop this cute little shop really fits the mold. Such a great local wholesome coffee shop. Cornerstone is always busy, and it is one of the few local coffee shops in town. When I lived in Mechanicsburg I would frequent this cozy shop. We ordered a breakfast sandwich and it was honestly outstanding. There is indoor and outdoor seating available.

xoxo, K&T

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