Goals for May

Goals for May

As Tony and I have made our transition to Florida, I feel like my daily routine is completely out of whack. I’m not sure if any of you can relate from times that you’ve moved to a new place or a new state in the past. One of the things that always happens to meet in particular is I tend to break out like crazy due to stress when I am in a new area. Finding a new routine as I settle into my new city is really important to me.

I wanted to share a few goals I have for the month of May that really focus around settling into my new routine in Miami.

  • Have a morning and night skincare routine. This is something I’ve never been great at and I need to make it important.
  • Use lash serum! I have been trying to feel more confident when I don’t wear false lashes and I would love to see how long they will grow with the serum.
  • Finish unpacking! We are 95% of the way there but there are still a few boxes I need to tackle.
  • Find the workout schedule that works best with my schedule.
  • Stop mindless snacking.
  • Go for a walk once a week with Tony.
  • One new date night this month of something we have never done before!

xoxo, Kate

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