The Clothes Spin

The Clothes Spin

I remember a few years ago when my friend’s washing machine and dryer went out and she had no idea what to do. I suggested that we go to a local laundry mat because we need to get her clothes washed, dried and folded not just for her but her husband and children too. I’m honestly super grateful that we foudn one near by which had everything we needed to get these loads of laundry finished! If you have never been to a laundromat, there are a few tips to help you pass the time as well as get in, get out and on with your day.

SORTING IT ALL : One of the easy ways to get in and out is making sure that everyting is sorted before you go. Remember, you’ll want to keep things in the same color to make it easier. You can have a white basket as well as a colored basket. Also- simplicity is key! Keeping it simple on what brings what you really need to wash such as your detergent ( pods are actually easier to put in a plastic bag ) plus a few dryer sheets.

Pick Early Morning or Late Night Times: Most laundrymats are open 24/7 so in order to not be there with a huge rush, you’ll want to pick times when it’s empty. Usually early mornings or late at night are good ideas because no many people will be using and washing their clothes. Try and do your laundry on a week night because weekends or times after work are extremely busy. 

Clean Out Washers : Since you don’t know who the last person was to use the dryer and the washer. Be sure to give them all a good wipe down before you use them just to be on the safe side, especially with things still up in the air with people not wearing masks. It’s a great precaution to have and use when you are going to a location that you have never been too. 

Don’t Leave Your Clothes Unattended: I know it can be really difficult to sit there while your laundry’s getting clean but please don’t leave your churning clothes unattended. If you leave, someone might take the liberty of piling your clothes on top of one of the tables in order to use the machine.

Basket: Don’t forget to bring a basket or a bag to help you bring all your nice clean clothes home! Bags can help too but sometimes you may have a wrinkled mess by the time you pull into your driveway. I like to put my basket either in the back of my car and then quickly fold the laundry and drape the hang-up clothing over top of it to keep them in good shape. Sometimes I also put a long hanging pole in the back of my car and hang all the hang-up clothes over it It makes it super easy to grab and put right into my closet.

Have Entertainment: If you have to feel bring your little ones, make sure you have plenty of entertainment for them to stay busy while your laundry gets clean and dry. If they are old enough, you can always ask them to help you like pouring the laundry soap in the wash or help fold the dry clothes. Sometimes it’s even helpful for them to help to load everything too. If they aren’t old enough, I usually bring a big color or sticker book for them to stay busy or even reading new books we’ve picked out at the library.

Are you looking for a laundry mat that meets all these criteria? If you live in the Virginia area, the people at The Clothes Spin laundry, located in the Lynchburg area, are the perfect place for you. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and perfect for when you could be in a pickle like I was. They have 22 washers and 24 dryers that are available for you that wash about 80 pounds of laundry and 3 various sizes! The best part is, with so many things to remember to bring with you, one of them isn’t cash or coins! They have a ClearToken app that you download and purchase your laundry credits with. The app walks you through everything so you are able to get in and get out at your convenience. Be sure to check this laundromat near Appomattox, VA, and their other locations.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful when needing to go to your local laundromat with yourself, friends, family or your children. When it comes to getting your laundry done, that’s all that matters and you can count on the friendly people at The Clothes Spin to make you feel safe, secure and able to get in and out as you please to go about your day.

What are your favorite Laundry Mat tips?

xoxo Kate

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