Cozy Fall at Brewer’s Crossing

Cozy Fall at Brewer’s Crossing

Happy Fall Y’all!

We have been settling into our new home in Brewers Crossing for just about two months now, and we really couldn’t have picked a better time of year. I love fall when the leaves are changing and their is a slight chill in the air.

Everyone has been asking about how getting set up in our new space is going and it really is going great! The rooftop deck has really been one of the focal pieces of our home. Tony and I use it daily to sip our coffee in the morning, brunch on the weekends, and s’mores at night. So far we added a small couch and chair set with a table, an egg chair, and most importantly a fire table to help keep us warm on chilly nights on our new rooftop space.

I wanted to share with you how we have our cozy space set up on the roof for the fall season.

I also wanted an elevated look for my s’mores set up, so I used this glass jar, and decor tray to keep my s’mores set up all together. To keep our rooftop deck on trend with the season I picked up a few mums and pumpkins at a local farm to help dress up the deck. I blended them in with the initial plants that I bought the week we moved in. Half of our green plants and real and half are fake. I am curious to see how they do through the winter, which is why we did a mix of both, just incase I do not have a green thumb.

Let me know your thoughts on our rooftop set up! We hope you like it.

Brewers Crossing has a few different options when it does to the rooftop space. You can have the large rooftop space like Tony and I do, or you can have a loft with two smaller rooftop spaces on either side. Stop by the model home open 7 days a week to see all the different options. Come be my neighbor! Evergreene Homes is currently offering $20,000 towards Closing Costs! Stop in to Brewers Crossing to learn more. Or check them out online here.

xoxo, Kate

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