Coffee with K&T: #12 New Holland Coffee Co.

Coffee with K&T: #12 New Holland Coffee Co.

New Holland Coffee Co.
• Location: Lancaster PA & New Holland PA
• 832 West Main Street, New Holland PA 17557

What We Ordered:
• Two Large Cold Brews with SF Caramel and oat milk and an Apple Poptart.
• Total: $15.50

• Taste: 9
• Aesthetic: 10
• Value: 8
• Customer Experience: 9
• Overall: 36/40


This weekend we were in the Lancaster area for a friends wedding and we of course had to stop by the local coffee shops before we left if the morning. I reached out to Lauren, a friend of Tony’s who lives in the area for recommendations on where to go. Lauren recommended three coffee shops in the area, but this one was her fav and I can totally see why! There are two locations, one in down town Lancaster and one in New Holland. We were a little closer to the New Holland location so that was where we decided to stop. You always know the coffee is going to be good when there was about 20 people in line before they opened. From the moment we walked up the aesthetic was just perfect! The coffee was perfect, great flavor, and honestly didn’t need the SF caramel. We liked the taste so much we took home a growler. Tony and I shared the apple poptart and WOW it was out of this world. It was sweet and delicious. The flavor was like nothing I have ever had before. If you are a Baltimore local it definitely trumps the Iron Rooster poptart hands down. They also had a cute little room for events that could be rented, and a coffee truck outside. Definitely a great way to spend your Sunday morning.

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