June Thoughts.

June Thoughts.

Hey ladies and gents. Happy summer.

The month of June has been difficult in the world to say the least. I took some time to be silent on my end and really listen and learn about what is going on in the world. I’ve had more uncomfortable conversations with my Husband, friends, and peers more than ever.

First I think it’s important to say, BLACK LIVES MATTER. I live in a city that is over 60% Black. It is important that as a member in my community I make effort everyday to support Black owned businesses. Support my Black friends. Support all the incredible things that are done for my community.

I might not post on social media every day, but my way of doing better on the BLM movement is how I spent my money every day. I see that not everyone in the world is dealing with this in the same way. If you want to share every day on your social media how the world needs to change, DO IT! If you want to dine at Black owned restaurants everyday, DO IT! However you want to share, support, or spend, it’s important to do what is best for you. No matter how you support the important thing is that YOU SUPPORT!

How are you supporting BLM?

xoxo, Kate

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