Coffee with K&T: #11 Artifact Coffee

Coffee with K&T: #11 Artifact Coffee

Artifact Coffee
• Location: Hampden
• 1500 Union Ave, Baltimore MD

What We Ordered:
• Two Cold Brews With Oat Milk
• Total: $8.00

• Taste: 8
• Aesthetic: 9
• Value: 9
• Customer Experience: 9
• Overall: 36/40


On our quest to discover new and exciting coffee shops, Kate and I visited Artifact Coffee this past Friday 4/17. It is in the Hampden neighborhood right by Woodberry Kitchen . Artifact is know for Counter Culture (great beans for great baristas). Kate and I ordered our coffee on their website which was very convenient. As we arrived, we could see the beautiful stone building followed up by an instagram worthy interior. We both said we cannot wait to come back and take pictures inside. They also have locally brew beer and wine available for purchase as well. We did not pick any up this time but we definitely will in the future. As for the coffee… it was delicious! Kate and I really enjoyed our cold brew with oat milk. Next time I would like to try one of their unique seasonal drinks like their Lavender Mocha Latte. As we left we made sure to take a couple of picture (as we always do). Hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Kate & Tony

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