Coffee with K&T: #6 The Bun Shop

Coffee with K&T: #6 The Bun Shop

The Bun Shop
• Location: Mt Vernon
• 239 W Read St, Baltimore MD 21201

What We Ordered:
• Chocolate Viet and Gruyere & Apple Bun
• Total: $9.47

• Taste: 6.5
• Aesthetic: 7
• Value: 7
• Customer Experience: 6
• Overall: 26.5/40


Crazy hours they are open from 7a-3a daily, WOW! Tony found this little gem. Super cute on the inside! Without looking it up, from the name I was expecting sticky buns, but it was different kinds of buns, from pork buns, to sweet buns, to savory, there was something for everyone. They are also BYOB if you want to go later in the evening. Tony and I were able to get street parking right across the street. We ordered a different kind of coffee for us, a Chocolate Vietnamese coffee. It wasn’t 100% my cup of tea. Tony enjoyed it! We also ordered a Gruyere & Apple Bun and it was incredible! Such good flavors! I would most definitely order it again!

xoxo, Kate

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