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Latest from the Blog

1840s Carrollton Inn

Looking for a Staycation in Baltimore, look no further! The 1840s Carrollton Inn is historic, beautiful, and cozy for your next stay. Sipping wine in the courtyard was the absolute highlight of my stay! Check their website out here! xoxo, Kate

The Clothes Spin

I remember a few years ago when my friend’s washing machine and dryer went out and she had no idea what to do. I suggested that we go to a local laundry mat because we need to get her clothes washed, dried and folded not just for her but her husband and children too. I’m…Continue reading »

5 Reasons You Should Check out Brewers Crossing

Now that the Evergreene Homes are down to their last 5 homes available, it is your last chance to get in! Sharing 5 reasons why Brewers Crossing is a great place to live. 1. You can walk to over 15 different restaurants for dinner! 2. There is a Brewery in your backyard. No joke, Mobtown…Continue reading »

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