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2021 Favorites

Favorite Baltimore Restaurant: K: Tagliata // T: Tagliata Favorite Baltimore Coffee Shop: K: Aveley Farms // T: Ceremony Favorite Cocktail: K: Belvedere Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese Olives // T: Tanqueray 10 and Tonic Favorite Alchohol: K: Moët // T: Tanqueray 10 Favorite Place to go for Cocktails: K: The Bygone // T: The Elk…Continue reading »

Positive Thoughts

1. There are positives in everything. 2. There are so many good people in the world. 3. The power of community is amazing. 4. Home is where I am with you. 5. Material things don’t matter. xoxo, Kate

Pumpkin Picking

The thing I look forward to the most in fall is going on a hayride and Pumpkin Picking at Johnsons Corner Farm in NJ! This was something I did every year growing up with my family. It’s a tradition that Tony and I carry on now! What’s your favorite fall tradition? xoxo, Kate

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